Leadership Series And Marketing For Today's Dental Practices

Do you feel overwhelmed or stressed by the challenge of running your dental practice or business? We have the solution!


What are the Top 5 Metrics you as the business owner should know? In this interactive class we discuss not just the numbers but the behavior that drives those numbers. 

5 Metrics Workshop


Our world is currently changing landscape, learn how to navigate post-COVID. We will guide the team and the patients thru our "new normal". 

Best Practices Post COVID*


Your current systems of business ownership, creating accountabilities to support financial health. There are four core cornerstones every business owner should know. We will meet twice a month to learn in a layered learning style, doing a deep dive into each cornerstone per quarter. At the end of the first year, you will have an annual plan to empower your life that will support your personal and professional goals!

Book Of The Business*


Teaching people and organizations how to identify and recognize different personality types, within your group, helps everyone to better understand themselves and others. Embracing each individual’s personality type and valuing their differences, teams can significantly improve communication and ultimately, performance.

Communication Style


Amy is a Business Analyst, Practice Management Consultant and a Master Life Coach. This unique blend of analytical and emotional skill-sets she is able to assess her clients environments on a deeper level and create a strategic evidence based plan to move them from today to their professional and personal vision and goals.



Some questions to consider: Do you ever feel lost when it comes to your practice goals and key metrics? Are you sensing that something is wrong in your practice but don't know where to look? Have you wanted to grow your practice but are unsure of your current practice health? Would knowing your exact metrics on any given day enhance your decision making? Would you like to demonstrate the health of your practice to a potential associate or lender?

Fee Analysis*


This is where Avalon Consultants excel. We are able to bring your current team, no matter the dynamics into alignment around your personal and professional vision and goal. Our one on one, hands-on approach supports a pro-active vs. re-active coaching style. This is your golden key element for success.

Team Building*


Vision is a clear image how you see your future. Vision is aligned with your deepest values and priorities. It is of what you believe in or what you want to become or create. It is your desired future. Vision inspires, motivates you, keeps you excited to do what you do. You can set vision, for example, for your life, career or relationships. You can set vision for what you want to have, to what you want to do and what you want to be. When you have your visions ready, ask yourself, how can I achieve it? Setting goals will help you with this.

Vision & Goals


What does your website and social media say about you as the business owner?  Are you paying multiple different companies for similar services? We provide all your practice's branding and marketing needs right here under one roof.

Websites & Marketing

*must be enrolled in the Leadership Series